Singapore, 2014

Hadn’t been to Singapore since 1985 on my way overseas for two years.  I stayed with my friend Nancy on that trip and saw her on our long weekend there in February 2014. Four of us went to Singapore.  Didi, Anne, Dad and me. It seemed like a great way of giving my father a trip after the death of Mum last year.  He says he is never going away again, but he did enjoy his trip to ‘Singas’.Image

We stayed at the Swissotel Stamford and the view from the 54th Floor was to die for.  The whole of Singapore was fun and fast and interesting.  The multicultural nature of the island, allowed us to see and smell all the flavours of Singapore, everywhere we went. We took a tour on one of the hop on hop off buses and saw some beautiful architecture, gardens and heritage areas.

China town was one of our nights out and it was fabulous.  There were Temples and performers on a stage with hundreds watching and enjoying the show.  We walked through shopping areas and bought interesting trinkets. One such item was a string of blood red chillies made from glass. Good luck, and beautiful.

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