Singapore 2015

Another few days in Singapore.  It is a wonderful place to stay in, and shop.  The food is cheap and so delicious.  We have stayed here before and found the Food Hall at the top of the arcade to have amazing food. Its all made to order and as fresh as! Cheap and extremely tasty.

However, after our initial sojourn to eatery, the next visit was confusing. We had only been in “Singas” for a day  when we went back for another meal.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I get reoriented to my new surroundings reasonably quickly,  sometimes, but had been a little lost in the large arcade this time.  So, when we arrived at the food hall, or where we thought we had last seen it, it was very unnerving to walk around for quite some time looking for it, only to discover that is was closed for renos.   All we saw were lovely white board. Yes, those white boards were covering the entrance.  No warning signs – no yes, you are right, but its not here now signs.  Very sad.  So our food hall had been up and running one day and closed the next. Sigh

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