Hawaii – Day 1 of 43

This drink bottle was in the foyer of our Hotel, The Embassy Suites, with ice cold fruit flavoured water, waiting for us.

imageWe have arrived.  It really is a long way from Perth to Honolulu.  However, the tropical delights that await us are wonderful. We can see the Pink Palace Hotel on the beach from our window. After some more sleeping – we will venture out.  Our poor bodies think it is 4:30in the morning, however local time is 10:30am.

Thankfully we had an early check in, and we will have a late checkout when we leave. Its hot and sunny and humid, as one would expect. Staff on the flight were wonderful and the flying experience in Business Class is worth a look.  I don’t care if I dont fly Business again, but if I dont I will be spending money on a hotel room in a hotel somewhere on the way somewhere else.

We were very thirsty on arrival and so we able to have a drink of the fruit water. We were then presented with beautifully chilled, guava juice. So lovely.

Below Left – Diamond Head overlooking Waikiki Beach.

Below Right – Hula dancers outside our hotel.  Beautiful, gentle rhythmic moves.  Lovely to watch, quite moving.

These girls Hula-ed with a mile on their faces the whole time. Just a delight to watch.

image image.image

After we had walked around for a while we went down to the beach to get some happy snaps and enjoy the whole tropical experience. Palm trees, water lapping, bronzed/ pink people and Here we are on Waikiki Beach, our first day in Honolulu. We went out for dinner at Roy’s tonight and had a tasting plate. It was fantastic. We walked down to the beach – all of about 500 metres.
We had the obligatory beach shot and then headed out for tea.

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