Hawaii – Day 3 of 43


Aloha, and welcome to Day 2.

We had a full day today but in a good way. We went to the buffet breakfast and got our money’s worth. After breakfast we walked a few blocks to catch the bus to the Al Moana Shopping Centre. It’s hot here – 27-32 degrees due to the hurricane in the north east and this is creating “Vog” – not sure what it is but it comes from the Big Island and sweeps west. It looks like thick cloud or fog. But I dont know why it is Vog yet. Have investigated but not answer yet.

Took a few pics today around the hotel and found a few patterns in the buildings. imageimage

We went to the Al Moana Shopping Centre – and found a huge range of shops and label shops. Beautiful stuff.
Then it was lunch in the food hall and a bus back to our hotel. Sleeps in the afternoon overrode the need for a swim. Its Monday – Labour Day and the hotel is not full but there are a large number of guests. About one third of them will leave tomorrow so I expect the pool will be less crowded. We are visiting the Pearl Harbour memorial park tomorrow.
Saw the site of where the boat left from in the Gilligan’s Island series.
Beginning to unwind more now. The jet lag is subsiding and I am getting used to the heat. Didn’t bring enough T-shirts – oh, dear, I may have to buy a couple of tops – such a shame. hahaha. Not a bad place to visit, Hawaii. Mohala for reading my blog. Feel free to comment.

Had a laundry day today and also went to the gym

2 thoughts on “Hawaii – Day 3 of 43”

  1. Dear Robin and team members. These snaps are really interesting pattern wise. It was 28 here toady and 31 tomorrow -cringe. Keep up the good work.
    AK xx

  2. Wow if you pan down the building photos quickly the buildings move?? Looking forward to seeing some of your brilliant photos during your travels. Went back to work yesterday today and now have started LSL not back until after school holidays. Yippee

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