Bobcaygeon, Peterborough, Ontario – Canada Day 11 of 43

Today was a little weird.  It started around 3 am with me wide awake looking for something to do.  So started the book I had brought with me; given to me by B before we left Perth.  Infidel: my life by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Fantastic read, couldn’t put it down for 3 hours.  So was ready for breakfast around 6 this morning.  No biggy, stayed awake and functioning well, all signs of the cold are gone, so is the headache from hell, and I will give Tylenol extra strength a wide birth in the future.  But whatever downside I experienced, the upside is, I am over it and it really only lasted two days. Phew.  Tired today but over the cold.

After breakfast we went over to Bobcaygen’s main street and ventured into one of Canada’s largest shoe stores, Bigley’s which is in the main street of Bobcaygeon. The staff were fabulous and fun – as I mentioned in my review on Yelp! The range of shoes is in the vicinity of 40,000 and I saw some Bundstones from Tasmania, Australia. Very Cool.

Bisley's shoes and clothing, Bobgaygeon, Ontario, Canada.
Bisley’s shoes and clothing, Bobgaygeon, Ontario, Canada.

We walked up the road today along from the Southwinds and saw a blue spruce,


a squirrel imageand some water birds resting on rocks in the water near the lock.


We drove to Peterborough and had a light lunch at Tim Horton’s (Timmy’s) image

Whetung – Objiwa

After lunch we went to an Indian Reservation – their land and to a beautiful collection of paintings, sculptures and artifacts, along with t-shirts and crafted objects.  Beautifully soft leather goods and a stuffed black bear.

We drove through Peterbororough and saw all sorts of different houses and school buses and out into the country and saw barns like on TV lol.image

image image


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