Boston, who knows what day of 43 – WE’RE Up to; Day 22 Part 1

The days have gone so fast and we have packed in a lot.  I LOVE Boston.  I would love to spend much more time here.  We have been on the 8th floor of Lowes Hotel for 3 nights and enjoyed the quiet and view from our corner room. The staff  is  friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. We asked for a place for breakfast as it was not included in our room price. So the Concierge recommended a place for us that was not fancy but good food. Billy’s Cafe in Berkeley. A regular haunt for first responders. They line up daily. The food is great and the prices good. The down to earth tables and chairs are functional and not there to be a fashion statement. Very real and unpretetious. Loved it – went for breakfast three days in a row!!

The location of the hotel was fantastic, near Back Bay station and Arlington subway station. The Boston Common was not far away and a welcome oasis teaming with squirrels and geese. Cool and quiet, right in the centre of the downtown area. Beautiful.

We went to the ticket place for the Hop on Hop off bus for today and, yesterday and then sat in the park – or the Boston Common and just relaxed.

We were just sitting quietly enjoying the peace and suddenly from above a  horse chestnut, almost hit us.  The little beastie was covered in a green spiky covering and when it hit the ground, it split open and a horse chestnut was revealed.  A beautiful glistening object which could really hurt if it landed on you, I suspect.

A8HEKA Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

We spent most of the day getting on and off the Hop on Hop off bus.  The city is full of beautiful architecture and thoughtful spaces.

Interesting architecture
Interesting architecture

We also went to Fenway Park one of only two baseball stadiums which have remained the same for years – well there has been some change I am sure but in general it’s still as it was.  Very cool.

The whole atmosphere of the game was great.  There were food sellers who walked continually up and down the aisles.  The music between each hit. The singing – orchestrated by the announcer – now lets all stand up and stretch and sing – “Lets all  go to the ball game” So we did. It was terrific to be part of such an American tradition.

After the game we went to the “first timers” room and were given badges and merchandise.
We also went to the Merch store and I bought some Red Sox socks.

Back alleys
Back alleys
Its a strike!
Its a strike!

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