Anaheim, California – Disneyland – Day 40 of 43

Yes, they exist Yay!
Yes, they exist Yay!

Finally, Disneyland.  Always wanted to see it.  Glad I have.  Some of the music made me cry! I’m just an emotional person I guess.  And I saw Rapunzel! my all time favourite fairy story.


I didn’t take my proper camera because I thought it would be a problem to carry all day so these pics are from my iPhone.

The number of people there was phenomenal. The strollers, the fat people, the balloons, mouse ears, cleanup teams, the smells from the restaurants.

The Mark Twain
The Mark Twain
Buy Buy Buy
Buy Buy Buy

We caught the ART – Anaheim Resort Transport bus number 6 from Katella Ave just near our resort at WorldMark by Wyndham Resort. Katella Ave was named after Kate and Ella whose parents had been early settlers in Anaheim.


Kate and Ella

The bus ride took about 5 mins and it drove right into the Disneyland lot.  The were stops for about 20 buses which circle constantly around the resorts every 15 mins from rm 9am-12midnightish.

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