Got paranoid about my one and a half hour drive from Tascott to the airport so even though I considered 6am kickoff as being adequate – I did not sleep as well as I have so was awake several times during the night.  I had set my alarm for 5:30 but woke around 4:15am.  I decided it was better to be there hours early than to arrive too late or to hit peak hour traffic. Local reports are that there are people who commute everyday from the same areas so leaving at 6am would be a good idea.

The house in Tascott

I started out at around 5:15 and drove towards the M1 Motorway.  The speed on the motorway is 110 for most of it and it drops to 90 and 80 in parts.  The cars act as if there is a race on and they thunder down the four lanes with speed and conviction. I tried setting my cruise control but it didn’t last long.  Cars in front were slower or trucks and I was continually adjusting and going around vehicles in an attempt to stay at the constant speed.

Arrived at the airport around 7am after having filled up the car and returning it.  Did the bag drop and went through security – got bomb residue tested and then went to the Qantas Club to relax.  Had a bowl of toasted muesli and a couple of cups of tea.  Decided the cups are too small, so I always make two now, with the one teabag.  Then I stack them to take them to where I am sitting. I was in the lounge for about 3 hours so was able to do all that I needed to using the wifi there.  Got to check my email and blogs and then I blogged more and ate more and just vegged.

Flew to Melbourne – hilariously short flight – one hour and five minutes.  Had a wonderful spinach and cheese Pide – so hot, so yummy.  Very tasty and just enough. I managed to get one movie in and this time it was Anne Hathaway and quite a light movie but interesting and it was gentle and easy and heartwarming. image

M collected me from the airport and I did not have to collect a car and it was lovely having someone at the gate.  I dont mind when there isn’t but I enjoyed having the meet and greet.

Weather here is cooler than I have experienced for the last two weeks but its not horrible.  Feeling pretty tired now after all the relly seeing.  It really has been good though catching up with so many.  I really think my family is well worth spending time with.

Drove around Melbourne to do some errands today and took a few shots of buildings and places we passed. Here they are.

Villier St North Melbourne
Villier St North Melbourne
Victoria Street, Richmond
This bridge has been used to cross the Yarra since before WWII at Chandler Highway
Bridge Road Hawthorn


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