Bunyip Cafe, South Melbourne Markets, Train/Tram Rides

Bunyip Cafe
Bunyip Cafe

After my time with Andrew at the Bunyip – I left and toddled to the South Melbourne Markets. imageI was on a mission and needed to buy a wallet from the Russian twins who had had the stall for years.  We had been there before and bought wallets.  Easy manner and good knowledge of his stock. I used facebook video chat to check with my he buyer that I had the right one.  My Russian friend helped with the turning etc to show off the potential purchase.  It worked – yes that’s the one. Another sale.

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After that I looked around for my secret santa gift for the family lunch. I have now bought 3 things I like and can only part with one of them. Sigh. And that will be a stretch.

I had to renew my Myki card which had expired – but the remaining 35 cents was transferred to the new card and I have been leaping on and off trains and trams all week.  Its pretty easy going into town and back from Coburg and most of my previous knowledge was correct, and when it wasn’t I fixed it.

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I have had a great time catching up with people and eating good food.



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