Melbourne – more meets and greets.

Last full day in Melbourne and I had a lovely gentle time.  Went into town to meet a very long standing famy friend who lives here and frequents the west to see other family members. She is a wonderful woman whose easy, nature is so welcoming.  Its great to see her, our vists are often short but she is someone I really enjoy spending time with.

We met “under the clocks” – just like the olden days before mobile phones.imageWe then walked towards the river and around to the right and down some stairs towards the water. We went to a very long cafe/bar called the Abory.imageimage

We sat and chatted and ate, watched people and ducks and shags and cyclists, trees and the water.



It was a great catchup.  The train back was uneventful, managed to walk straight to the 5th Platform for the Upfield line and got off at Moreland and walked home.  I arrived just as my friends with whom I was stay, arrived home. They  were back from the #Great_Victorian_Bike_Ride. Their routine was to eat around 5pm due to the number of calories they were burning.  They needed feeding.  So they were not home long before we headed out to Tiba Restaurant in Sydney Road, Brunswick for tea.


Beautiful food. I really like this place.  We then drove into town and I left the party there and checked into the Wyndham Hotel for the night.  I was on a reconnaisance  trip to see what it had to offer.

image image image image

Not a bad spot.  The location is good.  Heaps of restaurants in the area.  A block and a half to Bourke Street. A convenience store across the road in Little Bourke St and a supermarket one block away just to the right on the next street down (Spencer Street) 800 metres away.  Lovely.

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