We love this travel stuff. The early morning wake-ups after a night of fitful sleep. I thought I had set my alarm but actually hadn’t and did not realise until I have been up half an hour and it had not gone off. But there was no trouble, due to my magnificent organisational skills. We left the house at around 4:00am and picked up travelling buddy No. 3. Once at the airport we swanned into the Qantas Club and I had a lovely bowl of Muesli and a cup of tea.  The wait there was only an hour or so.

Melbourne Airport
Melbourne Airport

Our flight to Melbourne was uneventful, so was my attempt to photograph the Ukrainian Antonov aircraft parked on the apron of the airport with spotlights under it highlighting the three engines on each wing. Fascinatingly to me, I had watched it land, streamed by @tweetperth live through Twitter.  Really felt like a modern woman in that moment. Colossal machine. Most impressive.

Our next moment was arriving in Melbourne, grabbing our bags because there didn’t seem to be an option to check them through to Hobart at the bag drop in Perth. We didn’t ask anyone of course because, we didn’t care, and we had enough time in Melbourne to collect them and re-drop them for the next leg of their journey.

Back to the Qantas Club and more food.  Had a lovely salad with ham, pineapple, broccoli and Beetroot and potato Salad.  I added a sprinkling of chia seeds for added fibre and that was followed by two cups of tea and wait for it, a Brownie!

Now, I do eat sweets, I admit it. However, I love Brownies when they are made well, and if you have ever had a Brownie from the #Qantas_Club before, you would understand. They really are quite special.

The Brownie!
The Brownie!

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