North Hobart and a lazy day.

Today we went to drop off one of our team to her friends in Battery Point. From there we went to North Adelaide to the State Theatre. It was built in 1913 and there was another building across the road built in 1915. Lovely area. We had coffee and chat with a friend of mine I used to work with who lives in Tassie – it was lovely to catch up. I love our friendship, it falls into the ‘low maintenance’ category, which means it does not matter how long between visits – we just catch up and continue on. Beautiful. Worthwhile 🙂

After we found our car in a drizzly street we went food shopping for the next few days and then home.  Nice to just veg at home sometimes. Ahhhh.

Rainy Autumn Day
Rainy Autumn Day

image image image image image image

We have really enjoyed Tassie this time – more than last Te and we enjoyed it then. We wandered around the streets of North Hobart for a little bit and the architecture was wonderful, buildings built in the early 20th century. Really interesting some of them. More tomorrow.

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