Oatlands, Ross, Lake Leake and return – 224 kms

Took our time getting going, cos we can and headed north towards Oatlands, where there was a pancake shop and a renowned pie shop. The pie shop was not as fabulous as we had hoped.  The chicken curry pie had wonderful pastry but the contents weren’t what they could have been.

On we went, a few kms further north, to Ross. There is a famous bridge there too, the third oldest bridge in Australia.  Two stonemasons, who were convicts worked on the bridge and when it was completed they were pardoned.  Awww.imageimage image image


We had a great day just pottering and we happened upon Lake Leake on the map and of course had to go there.

Lake Leake
Lake Leake

image image imageWe needed to start heading back so we stopped here and there and enjoyed the scenery.image image image image image

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