Last day in Melbourne

We decided to go to a swimwear shop I had found out about from my Melbourne friend and this involved catching trams and walking to Fitzroy. This is a pretty old but funky part of town with sculpture in the streets and around shops and buildings.

We went to the shop but on the walk on the way I took copious photos of buildings, railings, fences, patterns and I will show you most of them here.

Fences and Railingsimageimageimageimageimageimage

Patterns and Graffiti

All day it blew a cool wind but it was fun looking around Brunswick Street, in Fitzroy – enjoyed the funk!

On our last night we met up with some Perth mates over for the weekend and went out to dinner at Universal, in Lygon Street. I had the most amazing Pizza – small – cut into four pieces with the works plus jalapenos. I drank a Fat Yak beer and was completely full and satisfied. After dinner we went to the famous Brunetti’s and had coffee and cake.  I had a beautiful hot chocolate.  Yummo!

We did not stay out very late – we had to get up at about 3:30 in the morning to return home. After our ride home, we walked past a group of taxis and talked about availability for a 4:30am  ride to the airport.  Sorted that and he arrived at 4:15am – perfect.  Once ensconced in the Qantas Club we had a cuppa and toast ready to fly home at 6:30am.

On the flight into Perth I saw a rainbow out of my window. A lovely welcome back, considering the storms that had plagued Perth while we were away.image

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne has always been one of my favourite cities in Australia. It continues to charm me, and make me feel part of something bigger and better organised than my own small existence.  I love the food, the trams, the trains, even Uber. We were Uber virgins until yesterday.  Had a lovely ride with Vijay, a Singaporean Professor of Film Making. Terrific guy, works 55 hours a week as an Uber Driver.

The next day we had a ride with Ahmet, born in Turkey, came to Australia as a 6 year old, is a father of 4, who borrowed money from the bank for the $300,000 Taxi License, which he is still paying off. He says it’s worth nothing now Uber is here.

I love seeing the people I know in Melbourne – can’t see them all in two days though.

I did see a lot of my favourite parts of the city and an area or two I had not seen before – Yarraville.

In Yarraville we saw the Sun Theatre – Art Deco and had a cuppa in The Vault. Also saw a film crew working in the same street, filming in a cafe.

Yarraville Station
Cobblestone patterns
Almost Autumn trees
Outside Sun Theatre, Yarraville
Sun Theatre
Inside The Vault


Orchid on The Vault’s windowsill

We walked for about 25 mins to see a friend of mine, with whom I went to school. It was a tad chilly and windy, but we soldiered on. After the visit we Ubered back to our apartment, I then ventured out to see another friend who had travelled from Elstenwick to meet me in town.  Lost all track of time but we were to meet around 4:00pm. Once we had found each other we toddled off to Cookie, which turned out to be a Thai restaurant in a very staid, 6 storey building, called Curtin House, whose interior was anything but.

I was messing around with effects on my camera and took some photos inside using the ‘HDR painting lo’. Here is the result.