Singapore – Malaysia 2016/7 Day 2 Part 1

Today we discovered the Merlion on the Esplanade, but before that, let me tell you, we walked! Initially we walked out the front of the hotel and asked one of the doormen which was the way to the Merlion.  We had a fair idea we just needed some arm waving in the direction we thought we should go. Well he did some waving but he directed us the CityLink” which is a labyrinth of tunnels which lead to several destinations like railway stations and shopping malls under the city. We followed the one we needed to and found The Esplanade exit, passing a sleeping homeless man and about five other people travelling in different directions.  It was a weird experience, had there been people who wanted to do us harm they could have, in spite of the two security dudes cruising the halls, but we felt no danger. In time we popped out below the ‘Jurian” Music halls and amongst some beautiful greenery, and quietness away from the cars and square buildings.  2aab3b58-fab4-40f8-bf5d-9aa5e842e82f5413f276-914e-456a-8778-454745af42ee

A magnificent day, and so we continued past empty man-made river beds, where shiny small stainless steel squares were positioned to direct the flow of water.  It would have looked terrific, had the water actually been there. C’est la vie!161b7e15-213c-4af7-896c-d4251726f237

Next stop the bridge which leads down to the Merlion.  Stainless steel again, shiny and well made, but covered in scaffolding type fencing, looks like it may be there to stop people leaping off the bridge on New Year’s Eve, but who knows. Looks ugly.


After the  photos of the harbour we made our way into the mêlée of people crowding around the Merlion for silly selfies and shots pretending the water is coming out of their mouths.  We waded through the crowd and took our own photos and then headed towards town under the roadway towards Ferguson Bridge.

Under the bridge near the harbour.
Under the bridge near the harbour.

The old and the new.


Singapore is covered in history and modern conveniences. The beautiful wrought iron lamp and Ferguson Bridge’s steel is a soft and gentle shaped contrast to the glass and steel which predominates the landscape.

Ferguson Bridge

By this time it was getting pretty hot and as we wandered we saw some beautiful colonial architecture and happened upon the Art Gallery.

More tomorrow.

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