Once we reached the other side of the Ferguson Bridge we passed through a shady park, with a small bird population then some beautiful colonial buildings before reaching the National Gallery – which was wonderfully air conditioned.

5d00abde-c260-4080-95f3-ca84ec4cc9dd9a4391f6-b91b-4a1f-8d46-c31d6b3c3db4fe57269f-17dd-4acf-8d09-65031830f0c74a27940e-1545-4d27-80d5-3ab6d2c6b014ec10dba1-83c7-4106-a5dd-757a5cca42edThis was very pleasant as was the walk to the gallery. Once inside we found food at the Owl Cafe and had iced chocolate and an Ambon cake to share which is made with tapioca, egg, yeast and sugar. It was yellow and spongy. Very interesting and tasty.

The Owl Cafe menu showing the Ambon Cake

Next we wandered around the gallery and saw some interesting works. One fun one was in the children’s education section where we found a jungle made from  twisted balloons. Very clever. Note the Bear and Tiger.


After the jungle we walked through some new collections and some contemporary art and of course, the obligatory gift shop.  Some really fun pieces, some of them, but I have enough stuff and tea towels.

Once we had been ‘arted’ out we found the exit again and headed home, only this time we did it above ground. The trees were magnificent and the afternoon was not too humid.  We were home in about 15 minutes having walked about 4 kms for the day.


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