2016:  My life has changed a bit since I started blogging here. I was working full-time as a teacher at a wonderful high-school, in Perth, Western Australia.  However, I was able to take 6 months long service leave and travel to discover the wonders of the US and then decide not to go back to work on my return. Well, it was planned.

Anyway, I now work as a relief teacher and that is terrific fun. I get more time with the kids, get to see my workmates and have very little stress and can spend more time in my garden or going to the gym. I love my life. I have more time for my Dad and my dogs too.

2019: Not as much gym and now part-time laboratory technician work and relief teaching. Gardening and blogging, photography, movies, writing, cooking and a few other wonderfully time consuming hobbies.

Lab Tech work is finished – now just relief teaching and working towards my next trip. Stay tuned for a little but of Ireland and Italy – Tuscany.

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