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Adelaide, South Australia

Moreton Bay fig tree on Plane Tree Drive, Adelaide at Botanic Garden

Had a great day yesterday wandering around the Botanic Garden in Adelaide. The most beautiful day and the surroundings were very peaceful and relaxing. It is important for us to ‘get back to nature’ away from phones and work stresses and just be!

 We went through the Conservatory full of rainforest plants we continued on our day of peaceful meanderings and discovery.

Next we happened upon a female duck and her five ducklings foraging in a man made waterway nearby. Also, on the same path was a sculpture made of glass sheets in the shape of a wave. Very impressive.

The sun was out the birds were everywhere, and we trundled along towards the Santos Economic Botany Museum. Wonderful place which was probably fairly dated looking until, it was restored recently.

The building was constructed

#Globe_Coffee_House_Patisserie and Restaurant

Globe Coffee House Patisserie & Restaurant
Globe Coffee House Patisserie & Restaurant
Had lunch here, with two of my workmates and one beautiful 4 year old. He wasn’t some random child, he belonged to one of my people.

While I waited for my mates to arrive, I set about writing – as I do – about thoughts that whirl through my head.

Here’s what I wrote today:

The crisp air bites at my ears as I cross the road, looking towards my destination but completely missing the crosswalk at my feet. I wondered why that car had stopped for me.

Sometimes, I think I am so in charge of my life and I am enjoying my freedom, but I am apparently away with the fairies at times. Ah well, ’tis real life n’est pas? Pretentious? Not at all. Everyone understands the context, if not the words. The rhetorical question, oft used to pique the reader’s interest. I am currently 8% fluent in French, and my phone app encourages me to add it to my LinkedIn profile. Now, that would be pretentious. How could 8% fluency be an asset in my employment. I am certainly aware of my increased understanding of the language but I am not sure if that would ‘translate’ into a useful addition to my resume.

Just received an email with a list of 14 foods that boost my thyroid. Oh, the constant desire to lose weight, manage weight, spend money on losing weight etc etc.

The venue I am in now is not air tight but not unpleasant. I have covered my bases with four layers of clothing and a scarf. L’ escarp. I think that is the word. Asked a guy in a shop in Paris what the word was and he said ‘escarper’ but that was just the pronunciation. He didn’t seem fazed by my question. I did buy a lovely jumper in Paris. (Made in Bangladesh and its washing instructions were a plastic book attached onto side of the jumper.) So fine and soft and I tried on some pants but nothing was quite right. The shop assistants were not around so I had to make all my rash decisions alone.

The day was just perfect, and I was swayed by the romance of just being in Paris. I loved it and I want to go back and spend more time in France in general.





Back home – Perth, Western Australia; The Hardware Store – Brighton Cafe and Eatery

The Hardware Store is one of my favourite places to eat.  I have not had an evening meal here but have covered most others several times.image

The vibe here is contemporary and trendy.  Not pretentious but fun.  The water jugs are watering cans. The cutlery is housed in toolboxes, and the sauces in an old fruit box.  The staff are young and friendly and do their job well.  The food is delicious and brought quickly and with a flair for decoration.  The fresh fruit juices are served in the currently fashionable jars with handles.

The building is part of a group of shops which has been in Brighton Road Scarborough for probably more than 50 years.  This particular space was – along with the now Patisserie next door, a hardware store for all of that time before it became a cafe.

It was a terrific place with the owner, knowledgeable and with all the stock required.  You could come to him with a nail, screw or piece of tubing and he would say – which tray it was in or take you to it.  The doorway which has now been bricked up, took you through to the paint section.  The original floor has been covered by aged wooden floorboards which rises up in a ramp at the doorway beside two walls covered with white tiles – the style (subway tiles).

The tables are too high, I always get sore shoulders writing here, and I like to write here.  There are pallets on top of regular tables, with a sheet of glass on top.  They look great, but they are too high. In between the wood panels of the pallet the menus are stored.

The choices are fresh and interesting.  My favourite is the smashed avocado.  Will see if I can get it for lunch today.  Fingers crossed. But if that is not available the Zucchini and Sweet corn Fritters are beautiful – it’s the tomato salsa that makes that dish.

Back Home – for a short time- Thanks to our house-sitter

We arrived back at home on the 19th October and have been home now for 10 days. It is so nice to be home and so pleasing to come back to healthy happy hounds and a wonderfully overgrown garden. It looks great. It’s full of beans, purple and green, and broad beans. There’s Kale and spinach and silverbeat. Sweet potatoes and onions, and spring onions and strawberries. 

image image imageOh and the mulberry tree is producing too.


My garden is lush, overgrown, healthy and I love it.

I am so grateful to our wonderful house-sitter Marg.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You did a wonderful job. You’re worth your weight in gold.

Los Angeles to Melbourne to Perth – Day 43 of 43

We moved out of the WorldMark Suites at around  9:00am and moved into the Hilton Garden Inn across the road from the Qantas Freight area at LAX.

LAX from our hotel window.
LAX from our hotel window.

Stayed for the morning then off to the Westfield at Culver City where we shopped and had lunch.

Westfield, Culver City, Long Beach LA
Westfield, Culver City, Long Beach LA

Then back to the hotel in the afternoon and evening. We were lucky enough to arrive early enough for breakfast.

Left LAX around 10:30pm on Saturday.  The flight was 14.5 hours and then we landed in Melbourne. Got two movies in, St Vincent, and Hot Pursuit.  The second one was a popcorn movie – my classification, derived from the assumption that you could eat popcorn all the way through, even crunching over dialogue, and it would not detract from the conversation on screen.  Good fun, not very credible but it was entertaining. image The other was terrific with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy, also Naomi Watts was enjoyable as a grumpy Russian prostitute. In fact it had a surprising, high quality cast,  and I would recommend it.image

All good fun.  Business Class is fun too.  See you all soon.  Boarding in two minutes. Catch ya out west.