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Adelaide – South Australia

Port Adelaide

Went to Adelaide for a few days R & R. Caught up with some family and friends and stayed at #QuestPortAdelaide. I spoke to a woman from Adelaide when I got back and told her where I had stayed and she looked at me enquiringly – why? Seems the area has a dodgy reputation, but we found it to be family friendly and full of small eateries and old buildings and pubs.

Institute of Arts and Sciences

There were some amazingly old – for Australian standards – buildings which have been looked after or restored. They are just fabulous. The whole area may have been less desirable, however it is becoming quite trendy and there are new apartments being built to prove it.

Fishermen’s Wharf – not so old part of the structure

Adelaide has a similar feeling to Perth in Western Australia, that old country town friendliness. The population in Adelaide is 1.3 million. This is the fifth largest city in Australia.

Perth has an estimated population of over 2.14 million people, 4th Largest city of Australia.

Shag (Cormorant) on a jetty

We had a beautiful breakfast on our first morning at #TheDrummerBoyCafe at 132 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide.

Interior of The Drummer Boy

We walked along St Vincent Street and found Port Mall. It looks like it hasn’t changed for a long time but the shops there are a sensible collection ranging from Newsagents, Cafes other eateries and Hairdressers.

We had a lovely time wandering around and shopping for nothing we needed. I bought an Organic Gardening book and some soft ‘lounge pants’ made of furry microfleece. There had been some very cold weather sweeping across Adelaide – an arctic blast – while we were there and we knew before we arrived, so brought appropriate clothing and beanie for my head.

There was rain and cold winds and a chill factor around 5 degrees celsius, but when the wind dropped, the sun shone. The temperature didn’t get above about 15C while we were there, but we didn’t care.


We had dinner at Crusoe’s at The Lakes Resort in West Lakes, with some very special friends from Adelaide. The food was lovely and service was terrific.

Crab Tortellini – Prawn Bisque
Beetroot Fritters
Chickpea Puree and Dressed Leaves
Dark Chocolate Brownie
with Honeycomb and Salted Caramel Ice cream on Chocolate crumble

All wonderful and very much enjoyed.


Saturday was a day free from any commitments so we had a sleep in and I went down to the wharf for some photos.

Came upon the vessel called the YELTA a steam tugboat. Very Cool.

Also the Port Adelaide Lighthouse.…/port-admiral-hotel
55 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide SA 5015

This lovely pub is Adelaide’s oldest building. We had dinner here on our last night. THE most beautiful steak I have ever had in my LIFE!

It was a sirloin cooked medium on a wood fire with garlic and chilli green beans and crinkle cut chips and mushroom sauce. OMG to die for!

The next morning we drove to Christie’s Beach to see some very low maintenance mates who had moved from Queensland. Doesn’t matter how often we see them, it is always the same, a warm and generous welcome.

We met them not far from their home in O’Sullivan’s Beach at a lovely cafe called Flava Food and Coffee Cafe at Christie’s Beach.

Our apartment to Christie’s Beach

After our lovely catchup, which was way too short – note to self – plan for more time, next time.

We headed east through magnificent scenery including hills of green and farmland. Our ears were constantly popping as we rose and descended over the hills and valleys to see my nephew, his wife and their daughter, my grand niece. Also, way too short, but at least we got to see them. I really miss that little part of my family, so far away.

Its really only 2.5 hours away by plane but sometimes its just too far.

Then we drove back to the airport and handed back our very interesting, but adequate hire car, the little white Skoda and caught the Jetstar plane home.

A nice little break from our normal, but comfortable routine. Until next time.

Adelaide – for the weekend.

We arrived Friday and have had a great time looking around Adelaide again.  We have not been here often but each time we come we like it more.  We are staying at the Lakes Resort Hotel, at Westlakes.

Our room at the hotel. Noice view, eh?
Our room at the hotel. Noice view, eh?

Conveniently positioned about 20 mins from the airport, right on the rowing section of the lakes and across the road from a very favourable Westfield Shopping Centre.  Favourable because it has shops that we want to go into and food too. Everything one would need within walking distance of our digs.

We arrived at about 11pm and checked in.  It was great to be back, we like this hotel and love the quiet and the view.  Its lovely in the mornings when you wake to hear the sounds of oars in the water.  The synchronised slapping, and pause and dig and glide and dig and pause and so on – very rhythmic and pleasant. The light this morning was beautiful.

Morning Rowers
Morning Rowers

Early morning Westlakes
Early morning Westlakes

On Saturday we went to the Adelaide Central Markets and were blown away by its size and the variety of the stalls.  There were a few vege stalls which then creates a little competition which is good for the consumer.  Bought some beautiful, cheese, home made beef jerky, and some fruit. Took a few too many photos but it was worth it.  I  loved the place and wish we had something of this ilk in Perth.  I’m sure a central place with parking on top would be a great addition to our city.  Especially now that there are a plethora of apartments in the city now – and everyone has to eat!!.



The main reason we came to Adelaide was for a wedding of our dear friends Kala and Jackie, who had a fantastic ceremony and a lovely day with their friends and family.

We also went to Hahndorf and surrounds.

Where we had afternoon tea
Where we had afternoon tea

Here we are in Hahndorf
Here we are in Hahndorf

image image

At the end of the weekend we returned our cute little Suzuki to the airport and bumped into the newly weds.  We then whisked them away into the Qantas lounge where we had a chance to chat for a while.  It was lovely.