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Sydney – Surrey Hills, Cremorne, Pyrmont

Packed this am and left Wyndham Vacation Resort and headed south towards Redfern and Surrey Hills.  The hotel I have moved to for tonight is the Central Railway Hotel in Chalmers Street. The Hotel was reasonably cheap and not hard to find.  There was parking underneath and we were given a garage door opener to take with us because we were coming back after 9pm. The room was clean, if not a little tired.  The globe in my bedside lamp crackled a little too much for my liking and the mini Ikea ironing board had a dicky leg so would not stand up properly.image

The sound the light/fan makes when you turn it on is startling, and seems really loud when there are no sounds outside. The room was about one metre from the footpath and then the road.  It was not terribly loud with the 3 layers of window dressings designed to cope and to keep out the morning light.

Drove to Cremorne next to collect my mate G from her unit.  We walked from there to the local shopping centre to a lovely Thai Restaurant called Sam’s Thai in Neutral Bay for tea. Back to the car and then we drove to town to park in Murray Street, just down the road from the Lyric Theatre, in Pyrmont, ready for Matilda! the musical – Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin. Clever and fun.


I saw it in New York too and the production here was easier to get. The Librarian was not the same in both productions as I suspectedbut they were both terrific.  As was the lead girl playing Matilda.  Great kid. Miss Trunchbull was also wonderful.

We booked our tickets online and when we arrived there was a package for us – special deal with these tickets it appeared. A program full of photos and a booklet of the cast. Plus we were given vouchers for two choc tops and two drinks of which we availed ourselves at interval.  And some choclates – Most pleasing! 🙂

Sydney – Balmoral, Freshwater & Cammeray.

Started the day lazily because I had nothing get up for this morning, so decided to take my time. Had breakfast downstairs and went to a presentation on the holiday company I belong to to find out about the changes that have been implemented. Amazing and very hard to explain, other than saying that it is going to be much easier to get our money’s worth out of the company.   Did some washing, drying, folding, packing and then snacked on some of my popcorn.

At about 1:15 I headed out to meet up with one of my Mum’s cousins and her daughter. J & S were waiting for me at The Dining Room Restaurant down the ?southern end of Balmoral Beach.


This is the shark net enclosed pool for swimming at Balmoral Beach.  We looked out over it from the airconditioned restaurant – even though the air-conditioning struggled due to the high temperatures at lunchtime.

After lunch I followed J & S back to J’s home, where her other daughter D works. We discussed going for a swim at lunch and I had cleverly included my swimming stuff in my car.  I had a dinner invitation on the same side of the harbour at 6pm so I had planned after lunch to go for a swim anyway so I was encouraged to go to Freshwater Beach with my 2nd cousins. It was compulsory! I didn’t really mind at all. 🙂

The beach is flat for a long way out and so the excrutiating pain of the cold water on a warm body continues for some time.  It was agony – the water slapping around my ankles was so cold I could not imagine how it would feel as it proceeded to enclose my body centimetres at a time as I slowly, gingerly waded out away from the warmth of the beach.  The clouds threatened rain and the wind was a cool southerly.  The waves came further and further up my legs and then the worst area, the stomach.  At this point I had had enough.  I had to go under to end my misery. I dived through  the next beautifully clear green wave.  It was so cold and as I stood up expecting to feel better, I realized that I was now just wet further up. But I dived in again and swam a little to acclimatise.  Eventually I found the temperature to be tolerable, then pleasant.  It was cool, crisp and so salty.  Seagulls flew over our heads and we bobbed around looking up at the cliffs where houses sat precariously. The girls looked up at them and selected the one they would prefer to live in out of the choices available.  It was a really great time there with S & D.  I dont know my second cousins very well but we just talked and talked and swam, and body surfed and then went home.  It really was so refreshing and a lovely relaxing activity.  So good.  The drive home took 5 mins and then showers and I collected another book from Noel, this time short stories, and a book of poems written by June. Excellent family time. Very special and cherished.


These are the three lovely people I had dinner with in Cammeray, last night. I worked with the tall one and his wife and daughter were the company I shared last night.  The food, the humour, the time,  all magnificent.  We laughed and talked over each other and discussed a range of topics, like the differences between discussions conducted between women and between men. Had such a good time and then was home in bed by 10:30pm.  Great day.