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Today was great fun. It started early, by western time standards, we left around 7:00wst/9:00. Headed straight to Richmond.  We had been there before and it was again, lovely.  The weather was crisp but not unpleasant. I have better and warmer clothes and so was able to meander around without worrying about finding somewhere warm to hide.  First stop was the wonderful bridge. imageThe oldest in Australia.

We wandered around the main street and found our way to the The Bakery, Bridge Street, Richmond. There was a beautiful tree in the courtyard and we decided to sit in the sun out the front, to have our vanilla slice, and date scone with jam and cream. After that we separated and I wandered off to take photos around the town.

As I perambulated along Bridge Street, I happened upon a place where a model of Old Hobart Town, depicting life in  Hobart in the 1820’s, is situated. It was fantastic to see. I have always enjoyed model anythings, really, and this one has running water and bonsai trees growing next to realistic model buildings. Very cool.

The next stop was lunch just down the road at the Frogmore Winery. Indoors was warm and interesting. Lots of kitchen knick knacks and produce in jars. The restaurant sat beside a bocce pitch with vines behind, and in the background, hills and fluffy clouds.


Lunch was lovely, with pulled pork slider, Cappaccio beef with aioli and salt and flowers,     A Tempura squid with honey and a garlic aioli.

Lunch as Frogmore Wines
Lunch as Frogmore Wines
After lunch we went hunting for a cheese factory we had seen on the way past called the Wicked Cheese Factory. Saw some of the workers in the maturing room and the packing room.

image image

After the cheese, we went for a drive around the Derwent River, to Glenorchy and found a shopping centre.  Bought some pyjama pants because I forgot to pack any!!!

New Jarmies!!
New Jarmies!!