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Toronto – Day 8 of 43 Part 2


Some of the phenomenally different from each other buildings
Some of the phenomenally different from each other buildings – and an illustration effect has been used on the second.
A Henry Moore sculpture - which created a bit of a controversy when it was installed in 1958
A Henry Moore sculpture – which created a bit of a controversy when it was installed in 1958 in Nathan Phillips Square

After we crossed this square we headed for a large shopping centre – a great place to go on a cold -20 degree winter’s day.Our day however, is around 17 and has had a little rain. Not a problem really. It rained on us gently as we walked and stopped for touristy photographs. Like this one.

Hot Dog Stand
Hot Dog Stand

The sign TORONTO is illuminated next to a fountain which freezes in the winter and is used for an ice rink.


There are some really interesting and cleverly designed buildings.  The curved one behind me in the picture was designed to cut down wind rushing through the gap between the towers.

Using another effect called retro.
Using another effect called retro.

We then wandered along James Street and into the Eaton Centre.

Entrance off James Street of the Eaton Centre. The ducksare not real, but they look fantastic.
Entrance off James Street of the Eaton Centre

I then went in with A & B to have tea at the Fresh Market and I had a cha cha Burger – with jalapenos.

Combie is a food vendor.
Combie is a food vendor.

Got back to our hotel and have had my suitcase delivered.  So happy.  30 hours without it has been a little inconvenient.  Went to the shops and bought some knickers, cos one pair is just never enough. 🙂

We are still waiting for the other cases to be delivered.  Word has it that one is in Toronto, and two are in transit from Dallas. How this all works boggles one’s mind. Anyway – I hope it all comes together soon.

Toronto – Day 8 of 43

imageOur flight to Dallas was uneventful, except for two things.  Andrew our Customer Service Officer was fantastic.  He was smart attentive and knew his job. He was very helpful and was very easy to get along with.  The second thing was the fresh berries we had  for breakfast. Stunning! One raspberry, one strawberry, two blackberries and some other fruit pieces. They were so fresh and absolutely delicious.  I continue to be impressed with all service personnel I have dealt with.  Everywhere I go they are on the ball, happy to help, and generous with their time.  Really great.

After all that excitement we arrive in Toronto. A lovely looking city if you can judge from a ride from the airport. Past Lake Ontario and into Downtown Toronto to stay at our lovely hotel, the Doubletree. We were asked at Customs where we were staying and we couldn’t remember the name so all we could summon up as two trees?? But after checking with our companions we established it was Doubletree. There was a broad smile on the face of the customs officer.

Next we went to our carousel to collect our bags. They did not show. looks like the tag was only through to Dallas, so we are waiting 24 hours or so without luggage for it to arrive. It is due in on the same flight as we arrived on so whould be at our hotel around noon.
Went out last night looking for food and electrical things. Went to a huge chain store called Canadian Tire. Combination between Kmart and Bunnings all rolled into one. Started as a Tire store and grew I hear. Also 90% of Canadians live within 15 mins of a Canadian Tire store. Asked three people for help in Canadian Tire and all were on the money for directions and help. After that we went to a market one block away. Fresh food and packaged delicacies.  Even when I tried to outsmart the checkout chick and get into the wrong line, she corrected me politely.  I ended up being served by a lovely young man who actually smiled and made eye contact as he handed me my receipt and change.  Really refreshing.  In Australia, I often feel like I am an inconvenience or invisible.  Sigh!

I bought fruit and veg and some cheese and cold meat for tea.  It was so fresh and yummy.  Also bought some guacamole.  Best I have ever tasted!

The market’s name was Longo’s Market and the guacamole was ‘zesty’. I was so enraptured with the flavour so I have photographed the list of ingredients.  May try and replicate it when I get home.  So nice.image



Honolulu to Dallas/Fort Worth to Toronto – Day 7 of 43

Well the flight from Honolulu to Toronto was via Dalls/Fort Worth.  Very interesting.  We arrived at Dallas at around 6:00am and had to find our way to gate D21.  We knew this because as we were coming in to land about 20 mins out, someone on the flight deck started reading out the names of American cities I have heard my whole life.  Pensacola, Buffalo, and about 18 others and the gates the next connecting flights were flying out of.  It was amazing and as they were read in alphabetical order, Toronto was well down the list.


So upon arrival we boarded the escalator to the skylink. This took us to the platform to catch the dart ( is your airport connection.  Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)


This is the inside and everytime it stopped we were told to hold on.  So efficient.  Very impressive.  There is a map on the side of the carriage and each stop is illuminated so you know where you are up to. We stood for our 5 min ride and stopped at about 4 stations before ours.

Fort Worth , Texas – yes there was a real Fort Worth.

The history of Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States is closely intertwined with that of northern Texas and the Texan frontier. From its early history as an outpost and a barrier against Native American threats, to its later days as a booming cattle town, to modern times as a corporate center, the city has changed dramatically, although it still preserves much of its heritage in its modern culture. Wikipedia) Link above in green will take you to  more details if you are interested.


So this shows how close the two cities are – hence the Dallas/Fort Worth   naming (DFW)