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Back home – Perth, Western Australia; The Hardware Store – Brighton Cafe and Eatery

The Hardware Store is one of my favourite places to eat.  I have not had an evening meal here but have covered most others several times.image

The vibe here is contemporary and trendy.  Not pretentious but fun.  The water jugs are watering cans. The cutlery is housed in toolboxes, and the sauces in an old fruit box.  The staff are young and friendly and do their job well.  The food is delicious and brought quickly and with a flair for decoration.  The fresh fruit juices are served in the currently fashionable jars with handles.

The building is part of a group of shops which has been in Brighton Road Scarborough for probably more than 50 years.  This particular space was – along with the now Patisserie next door, a hardware store for all of that time before it became a cafe.

It was a terrific place with the owner, knowledgeable and with all the stock required.  You could come to him with a nail, screw or piece of tubing and he would say – which tray it was in or take you to it.  The doorway which has now been bricked up, took you through to the paint section.  The original floor has been covered by aged wooden floorboards which rises up in a ramp at the doorway beside two walls covered with white tiles – the style (subway tiles).

The tables are too high, I always get sore shoulders writing here, and I like to write here.  There are pallets on top of regular tables, with a sheet of glass on top.  They look great, but they are too high. In between the wood panels of the pallet the menus are stored.

The choices are fresh and interesting.  My favourite is the smashed avocado.  Will see if I can get it for lunch today.  Fingers crossed. But if that is not available the Zucchini and Sweet corn Fritters are beautiful – it’s the tomato salsa that makes that dish.

More tea cosies!

Caught the train to Ormond via Flinders Street Station.  I was met at Ormond station by my lovely friend L, who then took me to the farmer’s market and we bought some veggies.  The next stop was the cafe pictured above, where we had poached eggs with dhukka on toast and I added bacon and tomato. After brunch we returned to her home in Ormond.  Its a lovely area, well established and plenty of trees.image

The day was very mellow, and after cups of tea and chats, we hung out the washing and toddled off to the shops to check out the sale at Myer.  Nothing interesting in the manchester department, however we needed a Christmas tree and some deccies. After the shopping, home again, washing folded and inside, then home.

Louise drove me to the Caulfield train station and I caught the train to Southern Cross station, changed platforms and caught the train to Moreland station.

The return journey was interesting.  I must have a trustworthy face.  I was asked by 3 people if they were on the right platform.  Turns out two were not.  I had the PTV app on my phone and was able to help each of the people who asked.  I then got into a long convo with a Chinese girl from mainland China about her Masters in Finance exam which lasted 6 hours!!! Her parents chose the major for her and she said she had no idea, so it seemed ok. But after a while she started to find it interesting and now thinks it was a good idea after all. Nice kid.

Another good day. 🙂

Bendigo and back

My mate’s wife and daughter are riding in this race and are doing really well. It was pretty warm yesterday for their rest day but was welcomed by the sore riders.


We drove to Bendigo and met with the our two riders and went shopping with their friend. The city is a lovely place with beautiful architecture.  The cathedral is huge.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst and seat of the Bishop of Sandhurst. The cathedral is located in the provincial city of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

The large pipe organ, built by Bishop & Son of London, was installed late in 1905. Second tallest in Victoria.image



Passed some wonderful bushland and bridges on the Calder Highway.





Washington DC Day 29 of 43

We went to the Natural History Museum and we saw heaps of stuff and if you have any questions ask.  This blog is misbehaving and captions are just too hard today.



We walked through the butterfly room It was lovely.
We walked through the butterfly room It was lovely.

Phenomenal place. We walked around for hours and saw things like the live butterflies, dinosaur bones, imagethe Hope diamond,  image

crystals, rock formations, gifts from overseas, a mammal display, egyptian mummies and artifacts.  Wonderful stuff.

We then wandered across the “Mall” – a long strip of grass down the centre of Washington- to the air and space museum, another of the 19 Smithsonians around the country.

Didi ready to see the spaceships and planes
Didi ready to see the spaceships and planes
Robin showing excitement about seeing spacehips and planes
Robin showing excitement about seeing spacehips and planes

We had lunch there and there were 3 restaurants combined but I think Macdonalds (Mickey D’s as they call it here) was running the show. Hundreds of tables and chairs – truly amazing.

We caught the red Circulator  bus to  Union Station where Didi bought some cloth patches for her suitcase.  I took some photos too.  Beautiful building.

Inside Union Station, Washington DC
Inside Union Station, Washington DC

After that we caught the yellow Circulator bus back to our hotel.

The Circulator Bus is a service similar to our CAT buses in Perth only the service costs a dollar per ride but you can go a long way for a dollar. We lept off at 14th and K Streets and found our way for one block back to our hotel.

The dinner we had was at the hotel at their restaurant called Grist Mill.

I did some blogging then bed.

Honolulu to Dallas/Fort Worth to Toronto – Day 7 of 43

Well the flight from Honolulu to Toronto was via Dalls/Fort Worth.  Very interesting.  We arrived at Dallas at around 6:00am and had to find our way to gate D21.  We knew this because as we were coming in to land about 20 mins out, someone on the flight deck started reading out the names of American cities I have heard my whole life.  Pensacola, Buffalo, and about 18 others and the gates the next connecting flights were flying out of.  It was amazing and as they were read in alphabetical order, Toronto was well down the list.


So upon arrival we boarded the escalator to the skylink. This took us to the platform to catch the dart (www.dart.org)DART is your airport connection.  Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)


This is the inside and everytime it stopped we were told to hold on.  So efficient.  Very impressive.  There is a map on the side of the carriage and each stop is illuminated so you know where you are up to. We stood for our 5 min ride and stopped at about 4 stations before ours.

Fort Worth , Texas – yes there was a real Fort Worth.

The history of Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States is closely intertwined with that of northern Texas and the Texan frontier. From its early history as an outpost and a barrier against Native American threats, to its later days as a booming cattle town, to modern times as a corporate center, the city has changed dramatically, although it still preserves much of its heritage in its modern culture. Wikipedia) Link above in green will take you to  more details if you are interested.


So this shows how close the two cities are – hence the Dallas/Fort Worth   naming (DFW)