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Las Vegas, Nevada to Grand Canyon Day 36 & 37 of 43


Packed and left Las Vegas and headed east then south to the Grand Canyon. The landscape on the way was beautiful. I love the desert shapes and colours. The smattering of rocks up and down the volcanic ridges and valleys. The blues and mauves of the distant mountains and the yellows and creams of the grasses on the hillsides.image

Green in patterns across the rolling hills. Some have rocky outcrops on the top. Red, brown yellow, grey-green and white – almost like the Aussie landscape. Just stunning in its parched look.

Colours in Nevada and Arizona
Colours in Nevada and Arizona

Now the flats again with occasional palm like stumpy trees no more than a metre high. thick stems and green tops. Coarse and tough.Many of the native scrub is very like Australia. It looks dry and desolate yet worth a second look.


The drive could take between 4 and 6 hours depending on our stops.
The more we travelled into Arizona the more lush the landscape. More grass and more stumpy trees – where there had been fewer than 1 per square km now it would be 10-15.


Arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park and are staying in two cute cabins called Bright Angel cabins. Basic but lovely, with wooden doors to cupboards and the bathroom. Cosy and unassuming. Easy to get around. There are a few cabins for the princely sum of $125 per person per night. Right on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s seven wonders. Beautiful to see.imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Day 37 Grand Canyon

The next day we were up around 7:30 Fresh and cool. Lovely day.

Went for a wander to “the rim” for morning photos – different from the sunset ones of yesterday. We are driving around the south rim 40km drive around the edge of the canyon. 17 degrees and clear. The air here is fresh and tasty.
Spent the day driving around the south rim of the Canyon and being awe inspired. Again if you want any further explanation, ask.

We came back to the Bright Water Cabins on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. There are hotels here that have been here since the beginning of the last century. Some of the buildings are very rustic and full of character. Our cabins are very basic but very well constructed and cosy. We have a bathroom with toilet, a built in Wardrobe a TV ceiling fan, heating desk and about 4 lamps.
We had dinner at Bright Angel Lodge Restaurant, where we had Clam chowder and Apple Pie. Very yummy.
There is little to no internet access here so I have had to write my blogs each day in the notes section on my ipad until I can make them ‘real’
image image image image image image image image image

We went to look at the Canyon once we had dumped our bags. It is amazing and a huge expanse of rock in so many colours it was awe-inspiring to see. There is no rail, fence or boundary to stop people stepping off the edge. There is an idea in some places and a wall in others but no barrier from actually tipping over if you over balance on the edge. With the sand stone pathways, there is  a high likelyhood of this happening.