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Los Angeles – Melbourne Day 42 of 43

Yesterday we sat around and read, slept, packed, blogged, watched TV and a DVD – “Duff” – fun movie. The other movie we watched was Kingsman which started well and turned into gratuitous violence and it was just so silly.  The gadgets were cool though. And the cast was terrific.

LAX - the airport is across the road.
LAX – the airport is across the road.

So today we have checked out of the Wyndham Resort and have moved across town to another room across the road from the LAX airport – from where we fly at 22:30 tonight.  So we are indulging in some R & R just killing time.

We went to Westfield at Culver City today and did some last minute shopping.  There were sales on everywhere – oh joy.  I think I have bought enough clothes for the next 5 years. Very pleasing.

Westfield, Culver City, Long Beach LA
Westfield, Culver City, Long Beach LA

So we leave tonight and head home and I suspect that will be the end of my blog.  I will add to this next time I go away and also in reminiscing about trips I have made in the past.  Stay tuned or not.  If you follow this blog I expect you will get an email next time I post.

So looking forward to coming home.  I have missed my dad and my furries and the chooks and the garden. Sigh.

Bye for now.