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New York to Washington, DC Day 27 of 43

New York to Washington by train

We are off to Washington today and, for the first time since we arrived in NY, it is raining. It's not the sort of torrential rain of a tropical downpour. Its more of an English drizzle. Anyway – it's not too penetrating so raincoats will cover it. The rest of my party decided to wrap their suitcases in plastic bags to keep them dry. It was not necessary in my opinion, due to my packing all my clothes in those bags you suck the air out of to flatten them. I figured if the rain got through the vinyl on the outside of my case, it wouldn't matter anyway. I did cover my camera bag though.

So picture it if you can, four adults pulling their suitcases, covered in plastic, which are being rattled and pulled at by a fair gust or two of wind as we hold the hoods on our raincoats down to cover our faces, while trying to see, and dodge umbrella covered New Yorkians who keep to the right, mainly, at a reasonable pace. This whilst we avoid puddles, wait for the lights to change, dragging our beasts behind us, trying to miss the kerbs so that the wheels will remain in contact with the pavement at all times. Lucky it was only a three block walk.

We arrive fairly unscathed at New York's Pennsylvania (Penn Station) in spite of the escalator ride down to the waiting area. Once we had waited, we were herded into another area to head to track 9West to go to Washington. All loaded on the train and we were off. See below the route we took which lasted almost 3 hours. Great to sit and relax and watch the world go by.


New Jersey,NY – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Wilmington, Delaware – Baltimore, Maryland – Washington, DC


We are staying at the very lovely Hilton Garden Inn 815, 14th Street, North West DC.

We arrived early so had to wait for our rooms to be prepared. One thing I will say about the place is that it has old world charm, with thick carpets and heavy drapes.  The bed is sensational. The lighting too is exceptional.  Sounds pedantic I know, but really, whoever designs lighting in hotels, must do it to avoid the clients seeing anything that may be faulty.  This hotel has lighting that lets you see whatever you want to.  Its glorious.

Our hotelimageimageimage

Had dinner at the hotel Grist Mill.  Shared a beautiful steak with asparagus and mashed potato.  So yummy!  Sigh.