New York NY, USA Day 25 of 43

Central Park – We caught the train to 81st and found our way to the surface at the Natural History Museum.

The station at 81st Street
The station at 81st Street

We forgot that we did not have to pay the required price to get in, so decided not to go in. It was a humid warm day and we wanted to see Central Park.  So we left the airconditioned comfort of the museum and wandered along a path outside towards the leafy trees ahead.  We passed a dog run where dogs were allowed ‘off leash’ – because this is not allowed in the park generally. There were squirrels all around and birds.

Bridge in Central Park
Bridge in Central Park

People use the park and sit on the benches and enjoy the quiet and coolness.  There are nannies everywhere – the obvious ones are the black women with the white babies, but we saw a collection of asian women yesterday too with a gaggle of children under 4 with them.

We wandered on and walked towards a bridge that was being guarded by a young woman who told us there was some filming going on over the bridge. Then this happened;-

No crossing the bridge in the park.
No crossing. The bridge in the park where there was a young woman asking us not to cross – because “they are filming” on the other side of the bridge. We obliged happily, but an older woman from New York was wanting to cross the bridge.  The conversation went like this.

“I’m sorry, do you mind going around the other way, we are filming up ahead?”

“Yes, I do mind , I have to get to work.”

Film crew - filming
Film crew – filming – notice the body in the leaves at the feet of three standing on the right.

We didn’t hang around, but when we got to the other side we did see the film crew.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

“The Met” The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Went into this amazing building and saw wonderful artifacts and objects of great worth.  We wandered around for awhile and found our way to a marvellous exhibit called Cafeteria;  Some of the objects here were familiar to us.  One of the assistants there even provided ‘hot sauce’ on request.  Some of the stainless steel exhibits were found to be quite handy and not so ancient at all. We ate there and enjoyed the airconditioning again.

Later we caught the train again and popped up out of the subway at Fifth Avenue and Broadway.  Intriguing building.  Bigger than I expected.  Designed by Daniel Burnham and built in 1902.  20 storey building was the world’s tallest building until 1909.

FlatIron Building

Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building

Trains were our main transport on this particular day, and even though they are efficient to and from places the stairs are hard on Didi’s knees. It can be hard when you don’t know which line you should be on and you go up to the street and back down again only to discover you are where you started, it can be frustrating and tiring.  lol.

The heat has been infrequent and its been mostly cool.  The heat is humid heat and is not much fun but does not last long. We have brought too much warm stuff and the weather has been beautiful, generally. 23-25 degrees most days.

Sacks 5th Avenue

Perfume counter.
Perfume counter.

It was beautifully laid out and interesting to see

5th Ave Saks Store
5th Ave Saks Store
Displays in Saks 5th Avenue
Displays in Saks 5th Avenue

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