Singapore – Malaysia 2016

Indian Temple on our bus tour

We have just eight days to swan around Singapore and have a look at Kuala Lumpur. I have a desire to see all the ‘old’ in the cities and places I visit. The time here in Singapore this time has been easy and fun.  We have walked further than we needed to on several occasions, however I am sure our bodies appreciated it. Not for the first few days though.  They now seem to have become accustomed to it all.

We settled into our usual hotel, Swiss Otel, Stamford Road. It feels like a friend we have met on the road again. The ownership has changed and there have been a few changes in the hotel as well. It is not as well appointed as it used to be, but it is in a fantastic location and we really enjoy the convenience of having food and shopping so close by.

Swiss Otel, 2 Stamford Road, Singapore
We began our time here in the regular way, heading to the 3rd Floor for a freshly made hawker’s meal. Then down three floors to the supermarket.
The following day we took a cab to Mustafa’s, a 24 hour department store which is packed to the gunnels with stock. You name it, its there. Bought some sandals, because I needed some decent walking shoes for our journeying around.

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  1. Thanks for another vicarious travel opportunity.
    Hope you had a good Christmas and have a

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